Engagements come in all forms; from the romantic hot air balloon that a recent Twitter friend told us about, to a Vegas get-away, to a simple at-home proposal. No matter how you end up an engaged couple in 2017, no matter how many engagement plans go horribly wrong and how many go perfectly right, it is one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Today we thought we’d share some of the amazing proposal stories that we’ve come across in the past few years.

A Vegas Engagement Gone Perfectly Wrong

The day that you get engaged is like your wedding day. You can plan the day out perfectly; I mean down to the smallest detail, but in the end sometimes the best proposals are the ones the go horribly wrong. In this story, the couple took a trip to Vegas to celebrate a recent college graduation. The plan was to get engaged in front of the Bellagio Fountain, the first place this couple ever talked about marriage a few years before.

But, like most things tend to go, the weekend did not play-out as planned. Traffic put the couple behind on making their dinner reservations and a grumpy and tired bride-to-be didn’t even want to see the Bellagio Fountains upon arrival. Instantly plans went up in smoke for the perfectly planned out proposal. 

In the end the proposal did not happen on the first day of their vacation. In fact, it didn’t happen until the last day when they finally made it over to the Bellagio. And, in the end, the proposal didn’t happen at the perfectly planned out Bellagio Fountains either, it happened inside at the Gardens. But, with tears and overflowing emotions, the day this couple got engaged was still one of the greatest moments of their lives, and the story of the imperfect engagement made it even better.

A Hot Air Balloon Engagement

Recently a friend announced their engagement on Twitter. It was a hot air balloon proposal, every bride’s dream. It reminded us of another hot air balloon proposal that one of our favorite couples experienced.

The morning came quickly for the groom, as he nervously and continually checked his jacket pocket to be sure the ring box hadn’t fallen out. He was sweating in the dead of winter, and his bride was afraid that he might be sick. He laughed off her questions with an uneasy voice, and tried to keep his cool as the balloon lifted into the air. It was the perfect day, she was the perfect bride, and he was out of his mind nervous. 

But the moment couldn’t have been any better, so he worked up every ounce of courage that he had, not afraid of her saying no or of the idea of being engaged, but worried that he would somehow forget his words and mess up this perfect moment. He got down on bended knee and voiced what he had rehearsed a hundred times. He stumbled, but his imperfections made her smile, and then cry, and then say yes. 

Your Engagement

We want to hear about your big day! Tell us how it happened; was it perfect or imperfect? Tell us your story on Twitter or Facebook and share your experience with other newly engaged couples in Arizona.