It might not feel like winter in Arizona today, but winter is just around the corner and temperatures are about to drop. If you’re amazing holiday wedding is planned for outdoors in the next few weeks, or perhaps sometime in January, a winter wedding dressmight be just what you’re looking for. The last thing you want is to be cold and shivering at the altar on your wedding day. 

While you probably have your wedding dress picked out for your upcoming Arizona winter wedding, perhaps you were unprepared for how cold it can really get here in Arizona in the winter months. The average temperature for a January wedding is 60 degrees, and if you’re standing outside at sunset next to an amazing waterfall and beautiful beach-front scenery, it can feel much colder. So, what to do?

If you’ve already decided on the perfect winter wedding dress, add some accessories to keep warm. Head back over to the location that you bought your wedding dress and speak to the wedding dress specialists. They’ll have some wonderful ideas about cover-ups that will add sparkle and finesse to your gown, and keep your warm.

In the accessories department, gloves are always a beautiful addition to vintage wedding gowns during the winter months. Also, consider adding a element of sleeves to your wedding dress. If you haven’t picked out your dream dress yet, then you don’t have to add this as an accessory because many of the trendier wedding dresses in fact have sleeves this season. “Sophisticated cap sleeves will keep you from feeling overexposed, while three-quarter sleeves, or even something full-length, will surely have you covered,” says 

Winter wedding dresses are made of stronger material and thicker fabrics than summer gowns. When at the boutique searching for that perfect dress, make sure that everyone is well aware of your wedding date. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a wedding dress that is not suited for the winter. Have the wedding dress experts show you dresses specifically designed for an outdoor winter wedding. Hopefully, they’ll lead you away from light fabrics and to luxurious silk satins, full skirts, sleeves, and Battenberg lace. A fuax fur wrap might even be your style.

Lastly, but definitely not least, match your wedding dress to the theme of your wedding. Many winter weddings have themes that capture the element of the season, are full of dazzle and sparkle, and bask in subtle winter colors. This is your opportunity to be the princess you’ve always wanted to be, if only for a day. Use the sparkles and dazzle in your wedding theme as your inspiration for the wedding dress. Add some flare to the elegance and remember to keep warm.