Surprisingly, I don't think we've ever written a blog about what to do should your wedding become overrun with a wind storm. In Arizona, it's well known that a wedding in the summertime could result in a monsoon setting in or a dust storm raging through at any moment. 

But, this time of year, its' not something that you're expecting. So, today let's talk a bit about what you can do should the winds sneak up on your and your wedding. 

1. Create a Plan: First off, always have a plan B for your wedding. While most days in Gilbert, Arizona are sunny and beautiful this time of year, the weather can catch you off-guard on occasion. So talk to your wedding professional about some possible backup plans. Talk to your wedding professional especially about wind conditions.

2. What to Wear: If the weather calls for wind but you're thinking it won't be too bad and you still want to stand in front of that beautiful waterfall at Val Vista Lakes to say your "I Do's," be sure to wear something a bit more wind-proof. It is important to select attire for the wedding party which is appropriate in length and material for an outdoor celebration. When bridesmaids are wearing short dresses made of light fabrics and the wind is blowing heavily, they end up with one hand on their bouquet and one hand on their dress to keep it down. This presents the possibility of an embarrassing situation for your bridesmaids!

3. Photography: Sit down with your photographer and talk about the opportunities for beautiful photos during a wind storm. 

4. Decor: If you know that there will be a windstorm approaching, consider some decorations that will compliment the weather. Something as simple as wind chimes and pinwheels can put a positive spin on any windy interruption. 

There are all kinds of possibilities to turn a windy wedding into something even more magical. Schedule your tour of Val Vista Lakes today!