Have you been to a barn wedding lately? Odds are, you have. It's kind of the hot trend right now, and for good reason.

Barn weddings have a rustic, authentic feel that is hard to match if you're...well, not in a barn.

However, do you know what's better than a wedding in a barn? A wedding at the beach, that is barn themed.

Why Barn Weddings At The Beach Rock

Ok, first of all, barn weddings are expensive. If you can find a barn wedding venue that has bathrooms, a sound system set-up, tables, chairs, linens, a kitchen or area for food, a dance floor, lighting...and more...that's one thing. But, what if your beautiful barn is missing a few of those items?

Now, a barn-themed wedding at a stunning venue with, perhaps, a beach like Val Vista Lakes, would have all of those essential items.

But, of course, you can always increase your vendor list and have many of those items brought down to the barn.

Let's talk flowers. Of course, with a barn wedding you'd expect to have beautiful wildflowers growing in perfect arrangements all around the wedding venue. 

In reality, wildflowers are tough to come by, especially in Arizona. Depending on the season, your barn venue might have a few sunflowers, but that is probably it. So you'll want to have wildflowers brought in to achieve that perfect, rustic barn look. 

Not a problem, other than the fact that in order to achieve that certain look that you have in your head from a barn wedding in a magazine, you'll need more wildflowers than you're thinking. Which means adding more to that budget. 

Now, if you're wedding is barn-themed and at the beach, the scenery is already as beautiful as can be. In fact, with a cascading waterfall and luscious flowers, you truly don't even need to have flowers shipped in.

Another issue that many wedding couples tend to overlook is enough electricity. Sure, barns have power these days...but do they have enough to string lighting to keep your guests dancing through the night?

Lastly, let's talk the reception. If your barn wedding ceremony is held right there in the barn, where will the reception be? 

These are just a few things to think about when deciding on the perfect venue for your wedding.