If you have a limited budget for your Gilbert wedding, which most wedding couples do, it is my suggestion that you splurge on the photographer. Here at Val Vista Lakes, we've been in the business of weddings for quite a long time. During that time, we've learned a thing or two about what wedding couples love, what they come to regret, and where they wish they had spent their wedding budget.

Today, let's take a look at why the photographer is where you should be splurging...

According to BridalGuide.com, when all is said and done, your photos are the only tangible memories that you have. You'll regret it if you choose to cut costs in this area. "My family has a horrible history of skimping on professional photography and then being disappointed and not having decent photos of events," said Block. "So for my wedding, photography was one of the places I was willing to pay big money. I'm glad I did.

The photos are one of the few things that really last from a wedding." If your dream photographer is above your budget, see if you can customize the package — perhaps get only a disk with high-resolution images, and plan on making an album and prints at a later date when you have a little more money.

According to ClassicalMPR.org, not everyone has the budget to find the Annie Leibovitz of weddings to document their happy day, but when it comes to hashing out a spending plan for a wedding, photography should be towards the top of the list. It's easy to say yes to a friend or family member with a background in or love for photography, especially when they're happy to offer a bargain. However, when you pay for a worthwhile photographer, you're getting more than a disk and print package of your wedding day.

The best wedding photographers come with years of experience. They'll make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the day, and they're not afraid to go above and beyond by lending a hand where it's needed. Planning for a wedding involves a million little things, and after taking the time to perfect each one, photos that don't match the aesthetic you strived so hard to capture might even make you misremember the joy you felt on your wedding day.

Here at Val Vista Lakes, it's the Preferred Wedding Vendors, hand-picked by our team and posted to our website, that will give you the greatest photos for any budget. There are many areas of your wedding where you'll want to save money...photography isn't one of them.

Come down to Val Vista Lakes to see for yourself just how beautiful and breathtaking your wedding photos can be!