In today's social sharing era, where things like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become staples in most weddings, it's important to establish boundaries.

One of the best ways to establish boundaries at your Gilbert, Arizona wedding is to start a wedding Facebook group.

Sure, this might add some additional work to your wedding planning, but if you want complete control over the photos and videos that are taken at your wedding, you'll need to create a private Facebook group.

Here's why you need a private Facebook Wedding Group

Everyone loves to take photos and videos at weddings. And, everyone loves to post those photos instantly and use Facebook live to stream videos of your wedding as it happens.

If you want complete control over your wedding, using something as simple as a hashtag will not limit what your wedding guests can post to the public on Facebook.

Many wedding couples who share their special day with us here in Gilbert, Arizona, have found that social sharing is simultaneously a great way to grab some very unique photos of the wedding, but also a negative way to impact those who see the photos that were not actually invited to the wedding.

Best way to counteract the negative elements of social sharing at your wedding is to create a private Facebook group for you and wedding guests only.

With a private Facebook group, you actually have complete control over who sees the wedding photos and the wedding videos.

Create your Facebook group.

Make sure that it is closed or private.

Add and invite only guess of your wedding and those who received wedding invitations.

Make it known that this Facebook group is the only place that you would like wedding photos and wedding videos share.

By creating a Facebook group you still allow people to satisfy the impulse to immediately share photos and videos from your wedding, but you also maintain complete control over who sees those photos and videos.

After the wedding you can go through those photos and videos and decide which ones you are comfortable with sharing out to the public on social media sites.