Since we are having our next wonderful and amazing open house next week, we thought we’d take a moment to share with our friends why they’d even want to attend a wedding venue open house. I mean, of all the things that someone could be doing on a Wednesday evening, that happens to be on the 21st, why would they want to check out another wedding venue?

Free Wedding Venue Tours
The best way to check out a venue to see if it will fit your wedding style is to visit it. You can look online at pictures, perhaps take a virtual tour of the venue, check specks and dimensions of the reception hall, but you will never get a great feel for the mood and atmosphere of a venue if you don’t visit it. You must walk the venue, notice the possible photo opportunities, check out the bride’s changing room, make sure the reception area is suitable, and of course walk the ceremony site.

Personally visiting the venue during an open house also allows you to see the venue in action. An open house is a perfect place to take note of how full the ceremony and reception site seem when it’s full of people. How loud is it? How warm is it will hundreds of guests? Is there enough lighting? Is there room for a band or DJ and dancing even with a packed venue? These are all things that you will notice as you walk through a wedding venue during an open house that you might never notice on a personal tour.

Food and Drink Tasting
Another wonderful aspect of a wedding venue open house is the vendor selection. Many times the wedding venue will have their preferred vendors on hand, available to answer any questions you might have. Catering vendors will bring some of their most popular dishes for you to try, bartenders will bring their custom created drinks, all sorts of linens will be laid out, the DJ’s will be on hand, and much more. This is a great opportunity to converse with all types of vendors to see if any are a perfect fit for your wedding.

Not only will you get to converse with the preferred vendors, you will get to see how they interact with others. Are they polite and quick to answer questions? Are the bartenders engaging and friendly? Is the DJ fun and approachable? These are things that you can take quick notice of at an open house that you wouldn’t be able to do at a one-on-one meeting.

Take advantage of our Val Vista Lakes Open Houses to see not only what our amazing venue has to offer, but what our favorite vendors have to offer as well. Follow us on Facebook to be notified of our next Open House.