I was browsing the internet this morning, always seeing what is trending in the digital wedding communities, and I came across a very interesting article on Brides.com.

The title of the article is, The Surprising Things Men Worry About At Weddings.

Now, we admittedly do not focus as much as we probably should on the men on our wedding blog.

Of course, this is not by accident because most of the time we have found that it is the ladies who tend to do the most research online for their weddings.

However, with that said, you don't want to forget about the grooms, so this is why this Brides.com article grabbed my attention.

Apparently, there was a quick little survey that was recently conducted with Grooms. The survey included more than 1,000 groomsmen and aimed to uncover their biggest wedding day worries.

Number one on their list was the awkward run-in.

I think this is probably high on anyone's list who is either in the wedding or attending a wedding.

Of the men surveyed in the research poll, more than one and three said they worried about running into someone they don't like.

What I found very interesting about this number one wedding day worry was this - shouldn't the couple be determined together who they will invite to the wedding?

Isn't the wedding couple in charge of who the invitations go out to?

So I find it very interesting that the number one wedding day worried for Grooms is the fact that they might run into someone that they don't like.

Number two is blowing the budget.

This one is fairly obvious because everyone is worried about going over budget when planning a wedding.

According to this specific survey, men are more worried about the budget than women…

And this goes for the wedding couple as well as those attending a wedding as guests.

The survey went on to reveal that while more than half of women plan to spend just $25 to $100 on wedding gifts, about 45% of men plan to spend up to $250 per wedding gift.

The number three biggest wedding day worried that men have is choosing the perfect present.

Now, this would pertain more to men who are wedding guests rather than in the wedding so, but 24% of men who were surveyed worried they wouldn't find the right wedding gift.

Again, this one is easily fixed by just sticking to the wedding registry gifts, or, if you are the groom or are in the wedding, stick to a gift that you know what your partner will love.

I think when it comes to wedding planning, being in the wedding, or attending a wedding, everyone places a lot of pressure on themselves to leave a lasting impression.

No matter what, weddings and everyone involved in the wedding will leave a lasting impression simply because the wedding itself, the event and experience, is going to be one of the most memorable in the wedding parties lives.