In Arizona, wedding days can usually be counted on to be shiny and bright. Every bride has organized the details with care, from her gorgeous dress to the colorful flowers and decorations for a sunny day. But when rain threatens to fall on your picture perfect day, you may need to make a few adjustments to the carefully planned agenda.

Preventing a Rainy Wedding Day

While no one can completely ensure a rainless wedding day, there are some measures to increase the possibility of a sunny day. Plan your wedding date during a typically dry time of year. In fact, you can even check your local farmer's almanac to find the days of the year that are usually dry.

Move the Wedding Indoors

It's a good idea to plan an indoor option in the event of a rainy wedding day. In Arizona, wedding venues often offer an indoor option should the weather turn dreary, like here at Val Vista Lakes. Be sure to visit the indoor room at least once and work through a sketch of how decorations will be done, guests will be seated, and the stage organized. It's much better to have these details taken care of before the wedding day.

Keep the Wedding Outdoors

You and your partner may enjoy the adventure of an outdoor rainy Arizona wedding! Don't let the rain dampen your spirits, especially when you'll still be able to create very unique wedding day memories both for you and your guests.

Consider having a tent with a floor set up so that your wedding party and guests won't be sitting in the downpour. The floor is the key to keeping everyone from sitting in a mud puddle!

Find a cute umbrella online that you and your groom can say your vows under. Don't worry about the umbrella blending in with the wedding décor. It's going to be noticed by everyone, so you may as well find a cute pattern! You could also purchase big umbrellas for the guests to use. Consider purchasing these in the wedding colors for some fun pictures!

Indoors or Outdoors, Enjoy Your Day!

Whether you plan to combat your rainy wedding day by moving indoors or using outdoor accommodations, be sure to enjoy your day to the fullest! Exchange your vows, smile for the camera (rainy weather can provide some cute poses, by the way), greet the guests during the reception and thoroughly enjoy your very special wedding day!