If you are planning a summer wedding, you may need some wedding ideas that you can introduce for comfort if the weather happens to get to hot. While many couples are interested in planning for a day that is going to have beautiful weather, sometimes the heat can act as a real barrier to enjoyment for a wedding.

Here are five Summer wedding ideas that you can use at your Gilbert wedding to beat the heat:

Printed sunscreen: handing out sunscreen or even water bottles that have the names of the happy couple printed on them can be a wonderful favor to give out at a wedding. Getting labels printed for these items is relatively inexpensive and a great way to beat the heat.

Fun summer parasols: A great way to beat the heat and block the sun during a hot summer ceremony is with some sun parasols. These items can have printed text about the bride and groom as well as make for some fun photo opportunities for a summer wedding.

Giving away wedding color popsicles: Getting freebies are popsicles that fit with the theme of your Gilbert wedding or that use the same colors that are in your décor can be a nice extension of your theme and a beautiful touch that will be noticed.

Giving away themed fans: colorful and traditional hand fans can be a great way that you can get some beautiful pictures as well as ensure that people can cool things down during the ceremony and the reception. These act as great favors for cooling people down and they can be ordered in the same colors as your wedding.

Pick some refreshing cocktails: A batch of fresh lemonade or even a big jug of Gatorade available at cocktail hour can be an excellent way to keep people very well hydrated at your ceremony and throughout the course of the wedding.

Keep some of these top wedding ideas in mind if you are trying to combat the heat on your wedding day. And don't forget, there's only one wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona that has beach-front property!!