It's very hot. It's also very sticky outside. Monsoon season in Gilbert, Arizona has been rough so far this year. For the past few weeks, it's been pretty relentless. And the humidity has been intense. 

If you're planning your Gilbert wedding, or perhaps about to tie the knot in a matter of weeks or days, there are some things that you can do to beat the heat and the humidity...

Light Fabrics: This one seems pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised by how many engaged couples forget to wear light, comfortable clothing on their wedding day. Of course you get caught up in the most trendy wedding dress, or the most stylish tux, but if it's 106-degrees outside with 80% humidity, those heavy and trendy clothes won't matter much when you're sweating right through them. 

BackUps: Even the most well thought out wedding attire could need a backup. If a haboob rolls in, or a torrential downpour, you'll want to make sure you have something on hand to change in to.

Humid Hairstyles: Be sure to do your research on what type of wedding hairstyle will work best for this sticky, stuffy monsoon season. You might have your perfect hairstyle picked out already, but if it doesn't work well with 80% humidity, you might want to rethink it.

Don't worry...I have more tips for you in the next blog! But, if you're still not sure how to humidity-proof your wedding, talk to our wedding professionals!