Are you planning your 2017 wedding? Are you struggling with what will be trendy and hot next year?

Well, first off, it's your wedding and if you want a pirate-themed wedding in 2017, you're not going to care whether it's 'hot' or 'trendy.'

But, if you are interested in learning more about some trends for 2017 weddings, keep reading...


Well, of course, the beached-themed wedding is always a hit, especially for Arizona residents. Something about that cool breeze and the sound of ocean waves in the background is a big draw to those of us who live in the middle of a dessert.

That beach theme will continue to be big in 2017, and, of course, there truly is not better place to have that beach-themed wedding than right here at Val Vista Lakes. 


Going green is more than just an idea to make your home more efficient and to lower your carbon footprint...going green in your wedding will be huge in 2017, and we're not just talking about being 'Earth conscious.'

Going green actually means using the color green in your wedding, going all-natural with colors, and integrating recycled materials into your wedding. Now, I'm not talking about turning soda cans into table centerpieces, but I am talking about creating a wedding theme around nature and doing good for the Earth. 


Of course, just like the beach weddings, the barn weddings will continue to be big in 2017. Barn weddings have been huge for a few years now. Here at Val Vista Lakes, we like to combine that barn and beach theme into one beautifully classic, trendy and rustic arrangement that is hard to beat in terms of uniqueness and beauty.


There are just some wedding trends that withstand the test of time...vintage themes are definitely one of those trends. And this one is self-explanatory.

So, as we move into 2017, know that there are a multitude of trends that will still be big next year...but also know that it's YOUR big day and any trend or theme that you decide on will be unique to you!