Want relief during these hot Arizona summer months? Ok, we’re not quite there yet, but it’s getting close, and if you’re worried that yourArizona wedding might be a little late in the season, relax. Val Vista Lakes banquet hall and outdoor venue will cool you down in seconds. With a refreshing waterfall to backdrop your ceremony and a sandy beach for beautiful pictures, and maybe a boat ride for guests, Val Vista Lakes knows how to cool things down.

Planning a wedding in late spring or early summer in Arizona is rough. You just never know when it’s going to start heating up, until it does. This year it hasn’t even hit 100 degrees yet, and it’s the end of the first week of May. I’d say that’s a pretty good start to our Arizona summer.

Yesterday we spent some time talking about what kind of wedding dress would be appropriate for an Arizona summer wedding. Well, today we’re going to help out those guests who just don’t know what to wear to a wedding during this season. It can be tough, because you don’t want to be too casual just so that you can be comfortable, but you don’t want to be to formal and sweaty and grumpy all day either.

Being a guest at an Arizona summer wedding is almost work. Seriously, sitting on a hot chair next to a complete stranger under that blaring sun is just unthinkable. Brides and grooms; if you are going to have a wedding even near summertime consider your guests level of comfort and seek out venues that are completely indoors. 

Judge the level of formality by the wedding invitation. Does it mention attire? What time of day is the wedding? That should give you some indication of what will be appropriate to wear. According to About.com, only an after six, ‘white tie’ or ‘ultra formal’ would require a long gown (and those invites are very rare.)

A summer wedding equals light fabrics and bold colors. If it is going to be a daytime wedding, think less formal and more comfortable. If the invitation says “festival attire” think cocktail dress that you can really move and dance in. If it will be a garden wedding, think a bit dressier with vibrant colors. No matter what you decide to wear, make sure it’s delicate and flowing, that way you can feel relaxed while sitting in your hot chair during the wedding.

Even though it might be tempting, it’s not appropriate to wear white to a wedding, even if it is during the heat of an Arizona spring or summer wedding. Wearing a white dress will compete with the bride and distract people in wedding pictures. Definitely don’t wear hosiery, but being from Arizona you probably already know that one. And expect whatever make-up you’re wearing to simply melt off, so apply lightly and bring back-ups. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.