Congrats on your engagement. It's time to start planning your wedding right? S, where do you begin?Should you rent the venue first or get your wedding outfits? Perhaps why don’t you consider hiring a professional wedding planner?

Considering the fact that you and your loved ones will be excited and at the same time all become anxious as the day draws closer. A professional wedding planner will eliminate stress and anxiety, take care of details, and all you will have to worry about is becoming Mr. and Mrs. We have listed below five things you should expect when you hire a professional wedding planner:

• Timeline and Checklist

Your wedding planner will have a face to face conversation with you and talk about everything you might want to incorporate into your wedding and develop a plan that will help achieve this. When you hire a professional, they know the best way to approach the schedule as their expertise is invaluable. They can also help you come up with a timeline to make sure that your wedding day flows smoothly.

• Creating a Budget

You can create your wedding budget by yourself, but the involvement of a planner is dependent upon your needs. This can range from your planner developing a comprehensive budget based on what you need the most to providing you a template for you to complete with typical wedding expenses.

• Vendor Coordination

You don’t want to face the stress of coordinating people working at the venue on your wedding day when you should be with your spouse. A planner will help make sure that all contracts are received and confirmed by vendors. A planner will assist you with whatever minimal support you might be looking for. A planner can also provide customized vendor referrals if you would like more comprehensive vendor coordination. A planner will do the stress of contacting all vendors, negotiating and assisting caterers with negotiations and menu coordination.

• Day of Coordination

For a wedding to be memorable, there is a lot of coordination that needs to be to do for everything to be perfectly in place for a wedding. Enjoy your special day with your friends, family, and new spouse while you leave that coordination to someone else! A planner will help welcome the new guests to the wedding party and also manage the setup and tear down of the event.

• Additional Activities

There are many another service a professional wedding planner can provide you with that you might not have considered. Some of them include creating a custom planning checklist, assistance with wedding etiquette questions, how you can incorporate sustainability into your event, invitation and program guidance, and any other thing to be prepared for common wedding mishaps.

If you want to know more - ask your wedding planner. You'll be happily surprised by how down-right helpful they can be.