I came across an interesting article on Buzzfeed Weddings this morning about a wedding cake vendor that failed to deliver the wedding cake!! I mean, of all the things to not get delivered on your wedding day, I think the cake tops the list!

Every once in a while, you hear about wedding flowers that were wrong, or the best man forgot the rings at home, or the DJ had no sound. These are actually pretty common. But, for the bakery to not deliver the wedding cake is kind of a big deal.

Luckily, the story had a happy ending. We shared it on our Facebook Page if you're interested in seeing what happened...

But it got me thinking about what you should do if a vendor forgets to deliver on your big day.

Know that the Wedding Will Go On: the first thing to remember is that this is the one of the most memorable days of you entire life. You will get married on this day, cake or no cake, flowers or no flowers. This is your day, and if your flowers are wrong or the best man is running late, take a deep breath and remember - you're marrying the person of your dreams. They aren't going anywhere. You aren't going anywhere. Everything will be laughed about five years from now when you're watching the little ones run around the house together.

See The Bigger Picture: If the wedding flowers are the wrong color, will it matter in five years, or ten years? If your cake is not the right flavor, will it curse your marriage? I think not. See the bigger picture, and know that there is not one thing that can ruin this amazing day!

Fill Your Cup: One of the best things that you can do for yourself on your wedding day is Fill Your Cup. Take care of yourself! This will be an emotional roller coaster. It will drain you. If you go into your wedding day overwhelmed and already tired, your cup will be half empty and the smallest things, like the wrong color frosting, might throw off the entire day...in your mind.

Plan B: Talk to your wedding coordinator and venue about a Plan B. What happens if the flowers don't show up? Does the venue have a backup? Do you have another vendor? Can your wedding coordinator get in touch with someone?

Choose Wisely: Another crucial element to avoiding this entire mix up is to have a contract and use a vendor that comes with raving reviews. If you've done your research and know the vendor is always on time, because 500 5-star reviews don't lie, than you should have nothing to worry about. Review the contract thoroughly, making sure the date and time are correct. 

Most importantly, remember that everyone is there to see you get married. They don't care if the flowers aren't the perfect color, or the cake isn't the perfect flavor.