A winter wedding is fun and memorable for couples, but it's not for many wedding guest – apart from the stress of transporting to the venue, what does one wear to a winter wedding many guests will ask themselves?

It's not easy to easily choose out the best wedding-guest dress like the ones you wear for all those summer weddings. Well, you don’t have to panic, we have compiled some tips or fail-safe rules for dressing for winter weddings. You don’t have to go all out buying a whole new outfit, all you have to do is to keep reading for these tips.

•    Read the Dress Code

There are situations where couple place more focus on how good and perfect their invitations look like but ignore how ridiculous their designated dress code is. So, its left for the guest to strain their eyes trying to read between the lines. However, if the invitation prescribes black tie all you have to do is to dress up in a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, and black high-shine shoes. On the other hand, if the invitation prescribes a ‘Black tie optional’ then you can go less formal with a plain black necktie is just like the tuxedo and you don’t have to go casual here.

•    Pick Your Fabrics Wisely

Well, you know how cold winter is, and you know how important to choose your fabric carefully, but we would still like to put more focus on the fact that you shouldn’t be wearing a cotton or linen suit in winter. Fabrics like tweed, flannel, wool, cashmere or anything that feels hyper British is very much recommended. For you to fully stay insulated choose a heavy cloth weight between 14oz and 19oz and don’t do the mistake of going half-lined either but choose a full lining as it offer a better suit structure and also help you keep goosebumps at bay.

•    Consider The Location

Whatever fabric or dress type you might be choosing, note that the wedding venue is a key. If the wedding venue is in the city choose textural fabrics like tweed and wool as they lend themselves to deep charcoal or pinstripes, checks and a colour palette of navy, black and red.