It's your wedding, the greatest day of your life...never forget that.

However, it's also the day that your mother has been waiting for, and your father has been fearing, since the day you were born.

It's also the day that your best friend has been excited about since she saw you two together for the first time.

Your wedding guests will come from all over the valley, and possibly the country, to our small Gilbert, Arizona town, to witness your "I Do's." So, yes, this is your day, but it's also their's.

Top Wedding Guest Gripes

1. Plus One: Wedding invitations can be confusing...even when you make it plain as day who is invited and who isn't. One of the most stressful aspects of planning your wedding is deciding on the guest list. and so, when it comes to that 'plus one' or having kids at the wedding, you need to be as clear as possible. My suggestion; have the actual names of the exact people you want at your wedding. 

2. Cash Bars: Ok, so this is another tough one because many times you have to decide between a cash bar and...well...inviting less guests, having less expensive food, or maybe even shortening the venue space time. You need to balance the wedding budget so that all of your dreams come true. However, a common complaint for wedding guests is the cash bar. The guests have already spent a pretty penny coming to the wedding, getting the right outfit, finding a babysitter, maybe getting a hotel room...they will find it frustrating if the bar is not 'open.'

3. Wedding Weather: No, you can't control the wedding, however as an Arizona resident you do know that sitting outside in July might not be the best option for you or your guests. As a Gilbert resident you also know that yes, it can get cold in December and January. A common gripe for wedding guests is the just plan accordingly.

4. Toasts: Everyone wants to congratulate you on your wedding day, and everyone will have a story. The best man is expected to embarass the wedding couple, and the maid of honor is expected to get emotional. However, if you're going to pass the microphone around the room and let everyone have a say, guests will inevitably get bored. Let your DJ be in charge of giving toasters the signal that it's time to move on.

5. Photos: The number one complaint from wedding guests is that the photos took too long. Cocktail hour in between the wedding and the reception should be short and sweet. If you'r egoing to take your time, make sure to have enough food and enough drink to keep everyone happy.