You have a ring on your finger, a significant other who loves you, and a wedding day approaching fast. You start to panic, not knowing what you want, where to start, how to plan, or what your wedding is going to look like. This is a debacle that almost every bride and groom encounter when their big day is fast approaching, but with the proper knowledge and tools, your special day will turn out perfectly how you want it to be. It is a time for you to celebrate with all of the people you love.

Your wedding is coming up, and you have no idea what you want to do. What kind of venue do you want? Do you want a princess dress or a mermaid dress? Are the tuxes going to be blue or grey? There are so many things to figure out in what seems like so little time.

Sure, you may have been to a lot of weddings or even help set up other weddings, but there is a different feeling when it is your own. It’s not that you don’t hope that everyone’s wedding is perfect, it is just that this is going to be your day and you want everything to be exactly as you imagine it to be.           

Wedding trends rise and fall out of popularity quickly. If you are wanting to follow the trends of the wedding festivities, you have to hop on them quickly. In 2019, there have been a lot of new trends whether it be about venues, music, dresses, tuxes, food, and more. In this article, we are going to outline the top 2019 trends and ideas that you may want to include in your big day.

2019 Most Popular Engagement Rings

            Most girls dream of their ideal wedding ring, of their significant other getting on one knee with the most perfect engagement ring in hand. What ring do you envision? Is it a simple yet classy ring? Or would you prefer a ring with a lot of diamonds? Everyone is different, and everyone has a different taste in rings. Here are the top engagement rings of 2019:

·      Solitaire Setting: It is hard to go wrong with the classic solitaire ring setting. On solitaire rings, there is normally one central stone with a simple band. It is designed for those who love modern or minimalist styles.

·      Colored Stones: The idea that your stone has to be a clear diamond is out the window. Now, people get all different colored stones on their engagement rings such as sapphire, peach, red, or even emerald. If you are not a person that is into the traditional wedding ring, a colored stone gives your ring the uniqueness you love.

·      Stackable Settings: In 2019, ring-stacking has grown massively in popularity. Your ring stack starts with your engagement ring whether it is an oval, square, circle, etc., and the wedding ring is stacked along with it. This makes the perfect engagement and wedding ring pair. 

·      Clustered Settings: If you are not a fan of the minimalist, simple engagement rings, consider a clustered engagement ring as the choice for you. Clustered rings have become one of the biggest wedding ring trends of 2019 and continue to grow in popularity. No matter how you cluster your ring, it is bound to be beautiful.

·      Pear-Cut: Forget round diamonds, it’s time to consider getting a pear-shaped diamond. This shape is ‘trendier’ than the solitaire setting while still creating a perfect, stackable engagement ring. With one end rounded and the other pointed, your ring is sure to grab the attention of all those around.

·      Vintage Inspired: Vintage is not gone yet! In fact, many people still love the vintage style of engagement rings. These rings often feature a diamond encompassed in baguettes or rings that are very The Great Gatsby-Esque.

·      East-West Setting: An east-west ring is exactly what it sounds like. The stone is almost like an oval, but instead of it being up and down, it is on its side, hence the name east-west. This breaks the common trend of north-south engagement rings and sets yours apart from the rest.

·      Split Shank: If you are not drawn to the idea of having one simple band on your engagement ring, a split shank could be a good option for you. A split shank ring features the band holding the stone split into two on either side of the stone. It still allows for a very stackable ring while taking your ring a step up from minimalist.

·      Minimalist Band: If thick, detailed bands are not your style, consider getting a minimalist band. Your stone can make the perfect centerpiece of a minimalist band and bring it the beauty it deserves.