If you thought "Wedding Trends for 2017 (PT 1)" was comprehensive, we have more!! More trends that will be huge this year in Gilbert, Arizona...

Vertical Impact

When it comes to wedding decoration, couples are searching for inspiration. They are taking full advantage of the vertical visual space above the guest tables and accentuating it with some options. Experts say we should anticipate tall tapers paired with luxurious candelabras, Edison bulbs, and chandeliers or low-hanging string lights of different sizes and shapes in 2017.

Creative Ice Breakers

Couples are weighing up ways to keep their guests engaged throughout the wedding day. They are looking for creative sparks that will give everybody something to talk about.  Unique entertainment - contortionists or fire eaters, lawn games or interactive food stations may be introduced at the wedding venue to make their wedding a pleasant memory for all guests.

Doubly Gorgeous Gowns

One thing we’ve noticed for the first time this year that wedding experts expect to see more of next year are removable skirts. The bride can have a sheath dress look and a ball gown look that is cheaper than the cost of two dresses.

Technology Effects

Couples are discovering new ways to incorporate technology into their destination wedding as they take advantage of things like custom 3D printing, geo filters, and Snapchat to personalize cake toppers, place cards, wedding bands, favors, and lots more. We've likewise seen more couples live-streaming their ceremony due to data affordability and because more hotels are beginning to offer it in their wedding packages. Wedding videos will take over the video streaming websites in 2017.