There are a lot of wedding traditions that a lot of brides and grooms like to incorporate into their wedding ceremony and reception. For example, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

However, there are some new and more modern wedding traditions that are being made and used by brides and grooms now days. Perhaps some of these new traditions could be used on your big day.

  • Instead of having a large 5 tier wedding cake, couples are now going for fancy cupcake displays, giving their guests more options when it comes to flavors.
  • More brides are now choosing to make their bridal party more special by making the party smaller. 
  • More couples are steering away from churches or wedding venues and having big outdoor weddings in backyards or in parks.
  • Couples are now choosing to have either a family member or friend marry them, making their wedding day even more memorable.
  • Some couples have a few favorite songs that the label "their song." So, instead of picking just one to dance to for the first dance, choose a second favorite and have it play as you walk down the aisle at your wedding venue, instead of the traditional wedding march.
  • More couples are wanting to start their new journey of marriage of by being financially responsibly. With this being said couples are choosing to pay for the wedding themselves instead of having the bride's parents pay for their wedding. 
  • A fun twist that will get the party started, is instead of doing the traditional first dance, couples are getting their wedding parties involved and doing a choreographed dance. 

Whatever wedding traditions you choose to have at your wedding, whether it be the old fashion traditions or adding a new twist to those traditions, just remember it is your day and you can choose to celebrate and do whatever you want.