When planning your wedding, the first all important to take care of is your budget; and this should be taken care of to avoid running into financial problems after your big day. One of the happiest days of your life will be your wedding day, and you should make sure it is perfect, and you don’t put yourself into debt. There are many ways to cut back on your wedding expenses. All you need is proper planning and the determination to stick to your budget.

1.    Figure out the overall total and start with chunks

You need to set a total for the whole event for you to be able to assign amounts to each part of the wedding. If you have flexibility, set a range to start with. Then divide your wedding budget into major and minor items dress, rings, honeymoon, venue, food, entertainment, decorations and favors, accommodations, transportation, etc.

2.    Set your limits

Allocate a maximum spending amount for each major and minor item. Use one of the wedding budget planning tools available online, or just set up your spreadsheet in Excel. You have to set up a row for each expense and cells which will automatically add up your totals. Remember that just because you set a budget does not mean you have to spend it all either.

3.    Itemize every detail

When you are planning your expenses, you need to be ruthless and detail every single item, even down to the basket of emergency supplies for the ladies' room. The less you leave out, the less likely you will be to go over budget just because you left something out.

4.    Look out for hidden charges

Make sure you find out from your vendors what the total charge will be and do not forget to factor in service charges and tips, including tax and service. There are often standard service charges that are not the same as tips, in which case you still have to figure out how much to tip everyone.

5.    Stay focused and realistic

Unless you are prepared to cut something else out then, you shouldn’t be looking at things that are out of your budget. There is always something else out there that is shinier and more expensive. However, if you only see what you can afford, you will not be tempted to overspend. If you find that you are under budget on one item, you can allocate it to another or save it.

If followed, these wedding budget tips can cut down your wedding costs significantly. There are a lot more ways that you can do to stay within your wedding budget, especially if you are willing to compromise. Be creative, think outside the box.

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