Arizona wedding planning can be time-consuming and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Each aspect of the wedding should be magically exceptional but with this comes a costly price.

One way to save money on your wedding expenses is to have a friend or family member take pictures. Believe it or not your friends and family are just as capable of taking the same quality of pictures as a wedding photographer.

All they need is a decent camera and a few simply tips and pointers on basic pictures taking. With some practice, they’ll be able to captures all of your specials moments for a fraction of the cost.

Digitals cameras are affordable, give convenience, easy to use and great for taking quality pictures. A 50 millimeter lens is all you need.

The important thing you want to remember for wedding photography is to capture all of the main elements involved such as the bridesmaid, groomsmen, decorations, food, and guest.  The best approach is to look at the wedding pictures like puzzle pieces.

You want to use your camera to get a many pieces as you can in order to tell a story of marriage.

Some of the key moments in Arizona Weddings are the bride walking down the aisle, the rings being exchanged, the vows being read, and the kiss. These are genuine moments that happen in the blink of an eye so it’s critical as a wedding photographer to be aware of the ceremony.

Instead of trying to orchestrate these moments you want to let them happen naturally. It is important to move fast and get as many angles as you can.

Now it’s time to focus. The frame rule of thirds helps you create more interesting compositions with your pictures. You want to match 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines equally divining your frame. Capture the center of the subject where these lines intersect.

This will appeal to the eye giving the shot an interest frame. When in doubt get closer to your subject. By getting closer to the subject you will gain visual impact. Since you will be capturing moments to tell a story, you want to make sure that you capture the important elements of the frame and leave out things that are unrelated to the picture.

You want to make sure your camera stays focused. It’s ok to switch your camera to manual mode and adjust your zoom and focus.

Be sure to take classic group photos and remember to use the flash when necessary.

Keep in mind that some friends and relatives may have travel from out of town so you want to capture the moments that will leave lasting memories.

Most importantly, know that if you want professional wedding photos, you absolutely need to hire a professional wedding photographer.