When it comes to choosing wedding favors or gifts for the women who will be attending the wedding, the task is much less daunting than it is to choose wedding gifts and favors for the men. Gifts for women can range from perfumes to spa certificates to delicate soaps or even high end make-up. 

If you and your fiancé are struggling to get gift ideas together for the men, here are some items to consider:

Bottle openers: If you choose a bottle opener for your gentlemen friends, look for one that is designed to be carried on a keychain and consider one that can be engraved to make it more personal. 

Key chains: There isn’t a man who doesn’t like vehicles and a personalized key chain is always a welcome gift. Look for key chains that are durable and unique and of high quality. 

Edible gifts: Men enjoy food gifts as much as any woman would, but when you’re looking for edible wedding favors for men opt for something out of the ordinary – sweet and spicy truffles – the mix of high quality chocolate and chilis are popular. Look for gourmet pretzels, peanuts or other snacks in tins that can be engraved to denote your wedding day. 

Cufflinks: These are always a great go-to gift if the men in your wedding party and again, they can be easily personalized. Of course, if the majority of the men in your wedding party are more of the jean and t-shirt persuasion, opt for a more fitting gift idea. 

Luggage tags: While women like to travel in style with fancy luggage, men merely want to make certain their checked bags make it to their final destination. Toward that end, consider purchasing luggage tags. If the group of men to receive the tags is small enough, you may want to get them engraved with each man’s name and telephone number or email address. 

Gift certificates or gift cards: These items are welcome by anyone – male or female. Gift cards or gift certificates can be purchased in dollar amounts of your choosing and can be personalized toward each guest if the wedding party is small enough. If you what the men in the wedding party enjoy in their spare time, purchase a certificate or gift card for that hobby – session with a golf pro, movie or theater tickets or tickets to a whitewater rafting adventure or even a spa day – even men enjoy pampering on occasion. 

Your guests and the men in the wedding party will appreciate the effort you’ve put into choosing a gift to mark your special day and the friendship you share.