Yes, I said 2018...the Spring wedding season here in Gilbert is literally just around the corner. Soon, we'll be in prime wedding season in Gilbert, which means the 2018 wedding planning is in full swing. 

And, with the wedding planning comes dress selection, tastings, music and DJ choices, photographers to interview, and florists and flowers. 

That's what I want to discuss today...2018 wedding trends for flowers.

According to an interview PopSugar held with FarmGirl Flowers...

One in particular that Christina is ready to be over: "I'm really sick of flower crowns," she told POPSUGAR, laughing. "Flower crowns have been around for several years now, and I think people are really looking for the next thing." So what is the next thing? Christina said to expect flower jewelry, bolder colors, and bigger elements in 2018.

What are they talking about? Let's dive in:

Flower Jewelry: Everything from beautiful flower tiara's to bracelets and anklets, even rings and necklaces, can all be fashioned out of flowers.

"We think they're going to get more popular because it's just so beautiful, especially if you have kind of a plain dress; it adds so much to it," she said. "This is the way that you can have more flowers without having to be all in your bouquet. So for the brides that just love flowers and want more of it, they can keep a regular-sized bouquet that can still be seen behind and then have a really beautiful statement necklace. And it brings in all the colors of their wedding as well."

Succulents: These will still be incredibly popular in 2018. With the trend taking off here towards the end of 2017, succulents will make another impact in 2018.

Lots of Green: Whether it’s a beautiful garland winding down the handrails on a wedding venue staircase, or soft sage centerpieces along the reception tables, more couples are beginning to add more greenery to their wedding decor.

There are also many brides adding a touch of this beautiful color palette to their wedding-day hairstyles and bridal bouquets, letting the leaves take on a more important role in bringing an organic vibe to their wedding.

Repurposed: Another big wedding trend that we're noticing for 2018 flowers is using flower arrangements during the wedding that can be repurposed for the reception, or using floral arrangements, like the succulents, that can actually be repurposed in your home...maybe your first home together with the very flowers you had at your wedding!

There are so many wedding trends to keep track of for 2018. But don't worry, the team at Val Vista Lakes will always keep you updated!