Wedding etiquette has come a long way over just the past year or so, with the popularity of hashtags, Pinterest and Instagram weddings, it’s important to know what’s allowed and what’s considered off limits during a 2016 Gilbert wedding. Things have gotten a bit more complicated, and yet the basic rules of respect and manners still apply, even in a digital era.

Behaving in the digital realm before, during and after the wedding is critical.

The last thing you want to do is post a photo that you had assumed was all in good fun, only to find out the bride, groom, or family members of the wedding couple thought much differently.

So, here are some key points (that we've updated) to remember when attending, or planning, a Gilbert digital wedding.

You're Engaged: Congratulations, you’ve just gotten engaged and you couldn’t be happier. You also can’t wait to share that information with the world, via social media. But stop! Call your parents, your siblings and your BFF’s. Before you post this all over the internet, let the important people know personally.

Traditional Invitations: Yes, we live in a digital age and it’s so easy to jump online and create a Facebook Event and invite everyone you know. But, a wedding invitation, in the skin, something that an individual can hold on to, feel - this is still essential. It's funny how effective tangibility can be - especially in a digital age.

Positivity: Wedding planning is difficult, and you are absolutely allowed to vent, but vent to yourself and your close friends, don’t vent to Facebook or Twitter. Before you start tweeting about unappreciative guests or overwhelming mother-in-laws, take a breath and consider the consequences. Far too many times in our digital world, we take to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat to vent our frustrations. Venting is allows you to work out your feelings...just do it with those you trust in a private space.

Patience: If you’re BFF has just told you the great news and you can’t wait to tell everyone you know, take a breath and a moment to realize this is her, or his, moment, not yours. Do not spill the beans on social media before they do. Don’t even congratulate them in the digital realm until they’ve made the announcement. And however excited you are to get to come down to Gilbert, Arizona for their wedding, don’t post it all over Pinterest until it’s been officially announced.

RSVP: The wedding couple knows you’re coming, you’ve told them via text message or Facebook post, but that doesn’t exempt you from RSVP’ing with the paper mailer. The couple might still need RSVP response to organize the wedding.

On Your Phone: Take photos, lots of photos of whatever you’d like at the wedding, but put the phone down and enjoy the wedding. This is one of the greatest moments of your BFF’s life, and she, or he, invited you to join them in this moment. They spent a great deal of time, money and planning to make this day wonderful both for them and for you, the guests. Don’t ruin it by spending the whole evening on the phone. Allow the professional wedding photographer to snap hundreds of pics so that you can enjoy yourself.

Hashtags: Use them!

Weddings are still one of the most traditional, time-honored events in our our history. And even as we evolve, technicalogically-speaking, weddings have still remained incredibly traditional. 

With that said, use technology and digital advances to absolutely make your big day even more memorable. But, use the rules above!