When it comes to your wedding there are some simple things to remember when it comes to what to do and what not to do.

1. For starts, do not be Superwoman. There are those brides that will spend every waking minute in their day revolved around wedding planning. Their friends and family will try to offer their assistance, but the bride will not accept. This is because the bride feels she can do it all and knows best. However, having help from family and friends, especially if they are offering, is huge. Their help can eliminate so much wedding stress and actually make things run a little more smoothly.

2. You are having a wedding and inviting your family and friends to your day to celebrate. Do not offer a cash bar, instead offer an open bar. Yes, having an open bar can be very costly, so having an open bar does not mean you have to have top-shelf. 

3. Do not become a DIY monster. Yes, there are some crafty brides out there who know how to sew a dress, or bake a wedding cake, or even make all the decorations for their wedding. However, they are crafty and know how to make these things without the added stress. If you do not think of yourself as being very crafty or getting stressed very easily, maybe keep the DIY wedding creations to a minimum. 

4. Weddings, wedding venues, and receptions can get very expensive, especially when you get all caught up in the excitement. Try and stick to your wedding budget, this will allow you to be stress free and enjoy your day without all the guilt of spending way too much money.

5. Take all the help you can get. You will receive a lot of offers to help you plan, help you create, and simply offer you wedding advice. It is great to be able to say you did it all by yourself, but it is not a bad things accepting a little help here and there.