Every wedding celebration deserves to be the best thing that ever happened to the couples, and it should be a memorable event of a lifetime. This is why when planning a wedding event, everything needs to be done with perfection to ensure that both the host and guests have a perfect celebration. Imaging a wedding ceremony where bad food is served – worst right? Wedding catering is undoubtedly a significant responsibility any couple should put more focus now. However, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Listed below are some surefire tips to consider when catering for a wedding:

1.    Never DIY

DIY catering is stressful and part from this it can even go wrong. You can handle the catering service for your casual reception party with only a very small number of guests can be handled yourself but even so, but you'll find yourself exhausted and unable to enjoy your wedding. So, it doesn't matter if your wedding ceremony will be casual or big, professional catering should be the answer for all weddings.

2.    Serve meals wisely

Planning a late afternoon reception meal where people can attend is tempting, but this can push up catering bills because it's a lunch-cum-dinner event which means a big meal. So, it is advisable that you plan a late morning reception serving cake and cocktails, and if you must serve a meal, make it a luncheon as guests are less likely to eat and drink more.

3.    Buffet vs. plate.d

Many people believe that they can save more on the buffet style of meal, but this is entirely not true because you need to prepare more food if guests are serving themselves. Not forgetting that you will also have to hire wait staff that will be station behind the meals. The best thing to do is to choose inexpensive food with a minimum of carving if you must have a buffet.

Plated meals, on the other hand, is a logical choice especially if you are having a formal wedding. As with buffets, choose foods that aren't exotic but more homestyle cooked. In this situation the way you present it is imperative.

4.    Check the ware

Ask to see the sample of cutlery, glassware, and crockery from the caterer beforehand if you're renting. Reputed caterers have an arsenal of fine dining ware but it's your wedding, and you may have something specific in mind.

5.    Confirm cost

Once all the listed above tips have been followed, make sure that you sample the menu. Ask for a breakdown of the rates so you can eliminate needless expense as the price of a meal usually comes with added charges to cover the cost of staff's tips and tax. Either way, such costs also have to be borne in mind when tallying the bill.

Creating a fun environment and having good food available will always go over well with your guests. Hiring a professional catering service will ensure you have only the best catering at your wedding.