Here at Val Vista Lakes, we've seen every wedding cake imaginable, from pirate-themed wedding cakes to traditional, white-frosted wedding cakes. When browsing Pinterest, we see even more amazing, artful wedding cakes. 

There is a wedding cake to match any wedding theme. There is a wedding cake to match any taste bud as well. 

Wedding cakes are no longer just flour and frosting, as Steve Martin famously claims in Father of the Bride. In fact, wedding cakes today are a statement. They're a colorful interpretation of your wedding, in sugar and bold flavors. 

Wedding cakes encompass not only the theme of your Gilbert wedding in design, layers, artistic expression, and toppers, but also in the taste. Are you are light and silly couple who prefers a fluffy cake? Maybe you have a romance full of fire and passion and need deep flavors to convey your emotions.

Today, let's dive into some of the more creative wedding cakes that truly could be a piece of art in a gallery. Maybe these wedding cakes will inspire some of your own wedding creativity...


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