Wedding vows are words that you and your spouse will live by during your marriage, they are meaningful and special to the both of you. You can choose to say the traditional wedding vows at your wedding or you can write your own vows, that are special to the both of you. Whatever option you choose, is perfectly fine, just make sure that you follow a few simple guidelines if you choose to write them. 

1. Keep in mind that these vows between the two of you are to be special and memorable. You will want to make your vows personal and meaningful. Writing your own vows allows you to share with your spouse and all your guest at your wedding venue, just how much you love them and how much they mean to you. It is your own personal way of expressing that. However, do not make the vows too personal. It is important to remember that you have a large audience and you do not want to share anything too personal or inappropriate with them. If you want to tell your spouse how sexy they are or something of that nature, perhaps write them a cute little note or something and give it to them after the wedding when you two are alone. 

2. Make sure you talk to your spouse before writing them, about how long you want them to be. Maybe you want them to be in 100 words or less or you want them to be no longer than 10 minutes each. Whether you choose a word count or a time limit, just make sure you both are on the same page, you do not want one person to say there vows in 2 minutes and the other person have written a short story that last 20 minutes. You do want your vows to be special, but equally as long so there is an equal balance between the both of you.

3. If you want you can be funny and add a little laughter to your vows. If there is something that your spouse does that makes you laugh and is one of many reasons why you love them, then feel free to work that into your vows and share that with everyone. A little laughter during a wedding ceremony never hurt anyone, plus it helps break the ice a little. However, you do not want your vows one big joke. A joke here and there is good, but making the whole thing a joke will make it hard for your spouse and your audience to take the vows and the moment seriously and meaningful.