Wedding dresses are quite possibly the hardest choice for a bride to make. They want to feel beautiful, and they want to wear something that embodies who they are. Which way do they go? Do they go with the form-fitting mermaid style? Or maybe they should go with the puffy princess dress? Either way, a dress is meant to make a bride feel stunning on their special day, and these are some of the top wedding dress trends that have made their appearance known in 2019:

1.     ‘Royal’ Wedding Dresses: Surrounding all of the royal weddings, there is a craze about royal-inspired wedding dresses. From the tiaras to the opulent looks, dresses inspired by royalty are one of the top trends of the year.

2.     Wedding Jumpsuits: If you are not into the idea of the ‘typical’ and traditional wedding gown, opt for a classy jumpsuit instead. You can even wear a traditional gown to the ceremony then change into a jumpsuit for more freedom to move during your reception.

3.     Clean and Sleek: If you are not for the glitz and glam of some wedding dresses, one of the trends this year is to go for the clean, simple, and minimalist wedding dresses. With clean lines, these wedding gowns are to die for.

4.     Colored Dresses: Out with the old, in with the new. Ivory and white are the traditional wedding gown colors, but many people are feeling the desire to branch out of that with lavender, blue, and even black wedding dresses.

5.     Turtleneck: turtleneck is the new trendsetting this wedding season. With a classy appeal and a clean look, the mock turtleneck could be the accent you are looking for in the perfect wedding gown.

Top Tuxedo Trends of 2019

            While the brides choose their wedding dresses, the grooms must decide on their tuxedo. This can be a hard choice as well, with plenty of color options, cuts, and styles, the groom can be in for some trouble when trying to make a decision. Here are some of the top 2019 tuxedo trends:

1.     Standout from the Rest: Traditionally, the bride was meant to be the focal point of the wedding while the groom was meant to blend in with the rest of the bridal party. However, this year, the grooms want to make their presence known with their own standout tuxedos.

2.     Bold Colors: One way in which the groom can stand out is through their color or pattern choice. Black tuxedos are in the past, it is now time to channel your inner creativity and opt for a burgundy, blue, green, or any color you want in a tuxedo. 

3.     Velvet: Velvet is getting a lot of attention this year and for good reason. Whether you add velvet to your tuxedo though the bowtie, the shoes, or even the tux, you are bound to look sleek, classy, and fashionable.

4.     Slim-Fitting Suits: Grooms want to show off their figures too. With sleek-fitting suits, the groom can look classy while still looking dazzlingly handsome.

5.     Wedding Change: Oftentimes, the bride will feature two outfits at their wedding: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Well, men want in on this too, so many grooms are changing between the ceremony so that they can get the shock value as well.