A Tuscan wedding theme is a great way to reflect an Italian heritage. If you or your spouse is not from a region of Tuscany, this item will give a classic and unique decoration for your wedding.

Simple but elegant, a Tuscan-themed wedding usually incorporates food and nature and can make breathtaking decorations for your wedding venue.

Incorporate grapes, wines, and shades of green and purple. You can also think of other game decorations like wine glasses and bottles, fruit bowls, votive cups with grape designs and curved elements like grapes.

Below are some of the best ideas and tips to follow to achieve a Tuscan-themed wedding.


You can start with the signature colors of Tuscany: which are gold and a color known as Tuscan red that leans towards the brick. Olive makes a great (and traditional) accent. But you can choose a combination of colors you want.

After that, just think of what makes a romantic vineyard...

Suspended lanterns persist leaving the reception in the afternoon. Umbrellas give your wedding party a gracious appearance of the old world.

For a casual look, draw on graphics of Italian vintage wine posters, or maps of the old world. Try and scan to your favorites and use them to put cards or table invitations to create a unique wedding venue.

Show your cards on the wine bottles covered with a slit stopper. You can also create (or buy) rustic cork placard. For a whimsical look, turntables points and focal points with bunches of grape clusters.


Tuscan cuisine is presented as simple food that strikes you with excellence. All Tuscan menus will highlight simple but unique combinations of country bread, soft cheeses, tomatoes, olive oil, beans and wine. Typically the menu consists of antipasto, bread sticks, and Tuscan white bean paste on crostini, as an example. All this should be part of the taste to create a excellent Tuscan theme wedding.

You can also find a selection of the best olives (and derivatives such as tasty tapenade), fruit compotes, and delicious charcuterie such as Tuscan ham and salami.

Or in the European tradition, poached gold pears in a delicious red wine then hit the top with goat cheese and honey. Tuscan ravioli filled with grilled spinach and a variety of cheeses attract raves as the main course.


Music is essential for any Italian wedding. A small choir of the Opera will have your guests jumping from their seats (and looking for fabrics). As the night goes on, a traditional Italian band will make your guests begin to try Tarantella varieties. Ascertaining the best choice of music is imperative.

By following the above ideas on a Tuscan theme wedding, and incorporating them into the Tuscan Val Vista Lakes wedding atmosphere (with beach and waterfall), you're sure to have a memorable day.