Every season is different, and popular wedding decorations go in and out of style. This year, there are some prominent forerunners in the decoration game that are expected to be more trendsetting than the rest. Below are some of the most popular uses of decorations this winter wedding season:

·      Blackboards: Many people this winter are loving the idea of using blackboards to either make their seating chart, greet the guests, provide a food/drink menu, or more. There are many ways to make a blackboard cute, and that is exactly what people are doing!

·      Decorating Ceilings or Walls: Another big trend this winter is, if you are having an indoor wedding, hanging decorations from the ceiling or pinning them onto the walls. This can include anything from vines, flowers, lanterns, berries, branches, photos, and much more. Be creative with it!

·      Foliage and Flowers/Berries Galore: As can also be seen through the cake trends, the biggest trend for weddings this winter is implementing foliage and berries/flowers wherever you can. Whether that be on your arbor, mixed into your centerpieces, topping your cake, or anywhere else. You can use fake berries, beautiful floral arrangements, and vines/branches to add little accents anywhere in your wedding.

·      Coffee Bars: What better way to warm up at a winter wedding than having access to a nice coffee bar? Whether the bar is self-serve, or you have someone running it, almost everyone loves coffee, and this would add the cutest little accent to any wedding.

·      Simple is Key: Many people are stepping away from the very extreme decorations and settings and taking it back to the basics. A big trend this winter is to opt for simple place settings that feature minimal decorations and colors, and just add simple foliage to make it have that little pop.