Chilly weather says it all; the holiday season is just around the corner, and you can't wait for the parties & holiday events to start.

It's fun to be an attendee at these holiday events or parties, but when you are the organizer, the picture is hectic. You have every reason to be stressed out with looming deadlines and limited budgets.

Gloomy economic climate and reduced corporate spending are dampers to your plan...

Well, here are the top five 2016/2017 holiday event venue planning tips, to trim costs and elevate ROI for your forthcoming events and parties:

1. Wedding Venues As Party Venues: You've got to admit that hosting holiday events at popular hotels in this peak season is actually an expensive proposal. Why not consider your friendly neighborhood wedding venue right here at Val Vista Lakes! I mean, we do far more than weddings only. We do corporate events, charity events, and more! Since we already have the experience with hosting HUGE events like weddings, holiday events are a breeze!

2. Host the Parties in January: Hosting parties in January are a new trend and they are equally enjoyable for your attendees. Dates are easier to book and venues are more affordable, as it's just after the holiday season. Companies and event planners like you should shift the focus from 'end-of-the' to 'beginning of a great year' theme. 

3. Party During the Day: In 80% of the cases, lunch menus are less expensive than dinner spreads when it comes to catering, especially during the holiday season. Attendees would also find it more comfortable to attend them, as compared to 'time crunched nights and weekends'. Talk to your venue, which should be Val Vista Lakes, about scheduling a lunch or brunch holiday party...maybe a champaigne brunch work party.

4. Customized Menus: Generally standard menus by popular caterers are more expensive than a customized buffet. Talk to your caterer about the possibility of limited menu items or a buffet with limited offerings.

5. Online Holiday Event Registration: Avoid using manual registrations and payment management systems that are costly and error prone. In the day of digital devices, use digital means to register or RSVP for a holiday event. Of course, we always recommend using paper, old-school invitations, but allow your guests or co-workers or employees to RSVP in the way that best suites their needs. 

Following these 5 holiday party planning tips will help you and your employees, or employer, get through the holiday season within your budget AND with smiles all around!