It seems like a silly question, right? I mean, the guys rent and the ladies buy their wedding attire. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.

The groom pays less, wears his tux for half of a day, and then returns it with the rest of his side of the wedding party. Even the little ring-bearer rents his tiny tux.

The bride, however, spends a fortune, wears the wedding dress for the same amount of time, then pays another fortune to have it preserved so that it can sit in a box in the attic for the rest of eternity.

What seems silly about that? Spending a fortune on a wedding dress is one thing, but putting it away never to wear it again is quite another. But that wedding dress is full of memories. I mean, the train is blackened from your groom and his grooms-men trying to dance, your vale lost a few sparkles from when your little niece wore it for half of the reception, and the front of your wedding dress is spotted with some pink mixed-drink that your sister managed to splash on you. How can you return a dress with that many happy memories?

I think the real question is, how can you never wear it again? A wedding dress was made to be worn, just like on that Friend’s episode. Remember the one where the girls are sitting on the couch in their wedding dresses, drinking some wine and reminiscing. This is what I’m talking about. Why only wear your wedding dress once?[youtube=]

After your amazing Val Vista Lakes ceremony, don’t just preserve your dress to the back of the closet. Keep it handy, because you might want to wear it again. A close friend of mine does just that. She has worn her wedding dress with friends, like on Friends, just to get some more use out of it. If you’re going to spend thousands on a dress and only wear it once, where’s the fun in that?

Here’s an idea, have a wedding party. Seriously, rent out the Val Vista Lakes banquet room, the place where you said your “I Do’s,” tell your friends to wear their wedding attire, and have a wedding party. Why wear your wedding dress only once in your entire life?