As your Gilbert, AZ wedding approaches, you have many details to take care of. Some can be selected or worked on by others. Friends and family can help you make favors, for instance. One task you should complete with your future spouse, though, is creating seating arrangements for the reception after the wedding.

Where guests are seated will make a big difference for everyone participating in your big day. Seating arrangements affect the social dynamics and determine how much everyone enjoys the celebration (and even the meal.)

Use these tips to choose the best possible seating arrangements:

#1. Ensure Everyone Knows Someone at the Table

It’s awkward to be a wedding guest and spend hours sitting with people you have never met. Be sure to place guests at tables where they know at least one other person. If families are too large to accommodate, divide them up so that a few family members are still seated together.

#2. Mix Groups Who Have Something In Common

At most weddings, there are at least a few tables at which a few guests will be seated with others they don’t know. Many weddings even include a couple of guests who are unlikely to know many other guests (like old friends from college.) Seat these “outlier” guests with people that they might have something in common with. For instance, if you know that two groups of guests love the outdoors, seat them together.

#3. Provide Conversational Pieces

To make it easier on shy guests and those seated together that don’t know each other, provide conversation pieces. For example, provide games or team tasks that will be incorporated into the reception later on. These will help guests get to know each other and be more comfortable at their table.

#4. Consider Who Would Not Get Along

One of the most important parts of creating your seating arrangements for your Gilbert, AZ wedding reception is ensuring that there are no conflicts. If you know that certain guests have opposing personalities or viewpoints, do not seat them together.