One of the best, and most romantic wedding traditions that I have seen in the past few years has been a wine bottle in a box.

If you haven't heard of the wine bottle in a box, you are missing out.

Here at Val Vista Lakes, we actually don't see it as often as you might think, but the wine bottle in a box wedding tradition is a doozy.

It takes something as classical as an old bottle of wine, preferably a bottle of wine from someone you cherish in the family, and places it in custom crafted wood box, with two very special envelopes.

Today, let's talk about the wine bottle in a box wedding tradition.

The bottle of wine: A bottle of wine that you choose for this box should be purchased by a very close, and cherish relative. Preferably, the bottle of wine must have some type of emotional connection based on the name of the wine, the area of the country where the wine is made, even the store that it was bought at or the flavor of the wine.

This bottle of wine needs to be the most carefully selected bottle of wine that has ever been selected, and should be selected by that one person that you trust your life with.

I know that I might be sounding a bit dramatic, but when it comes to this beautiful wedding tradition, take no chances and spare no expense.

The custom made wooden box: This wooden box is not just any wooden box.

The details must be fine, the theme and tone of the Box must match your love for each other, the wedding theme, and your future together.

This box can either be made right by a very close family member or a close family friend. Or it can be custom designed and built buy a craftsman who knows exactly what you're looking for.

The box must be large enough for only a bottle of wine and two envelopes to fit inside, preferably lined with a type of satin or material that matches the theme of your wedding and can keep the wine bottle safe for years, generations, potentially a lifetime to come.

Hopefully, this box will never have to be opened, but if it needs to be opened you want to make sure that every single detail on this wedding tradition is authentic.

The two letters: You will write a letter, your partner will write a letter, and those letters will be placed into envelopes, sealed, and placed into the box with the bottle of wine.

Of course, the key here is that you will hopefully never have to open this box.

On the week of your wedding, or around the time when you are newly-engaged, when emotions are at their peak and the love that you have for each other is at one of its greatest moments, write your letter to your partner.

Your letter will include all of the reasons that you are getting married. It will include all of the things that you love about that person, it will include special moments in your life together so far, and be feelings and sensations of those moments.

This letter will essentially take you back to the place you're in right now. It tells the story of you as a couple...your love story.

Additionally, over the years when special moments happen throughout your lives, after your wedding, the honeymoon, children come and graduations, anniversaries, new houses, special vacations, all of these things can also find a special place in this box.

Write a letter for each and every time that your relationship changes for the better, and each and every time that you feel a flood of emotion towards your partner.

Where does this wedding tradition come into play on your wedding day?

This wine bottle and a box will be presented during your ceremony. It will be mentioned that this wine bottle in a box will hopefully never have to be opened, but if it does need to be open it is in those last resort moments where your relationship has taken a shower turn, not that that will ever happen, but this wedding tradition is a great way to help preserve your love through any rough patches ahead.