Yes, the wedding send off is still a thing. And yes, it looks amazing here at Val Vista Lakes to have a perfectly timed wedding send off. We definitely have a great space for those beautiful send-off photos where everyone is laughing and smiling, and you're running down the path on your way to your first evening as a married couple. 

The wedding send off is a MUST HAVE on your wedding day!

So, let's start planning how this will go down right now...

Be sure to let your wedding planner or venue coordinator that you will be having a wedding send off. Your DJ needs to be in the loop as well. 

Make sure to talk to your DJ about what song you want playing for your wedding send off, and what music you want to play after you leave. The music should wind down the party and slow down the setting so that everyone can head out safely.

After everyone has lined up and is ready to send you off as a happily married couple, here are some ideas that will make for great wedding photos...

You can attach fabric or ribbons to long, thin dowels, for waving in the breeze, prepare faux snow for using as toss, it’ll look gorgeous in the pics.

Bubbles make for absolutely beautiful wedding photos...if the photographer can get the right lighting. When those bubbles bounce the light back, and create an array of tiny rainbows in the sky, the photo is like nothing else.

How about LED balloons that glow. If you don't want your guests throwing stuff at you, because these days who does, why not try LED balloons that actually glow, or flicker, or change color! You've seen these types of balloons at large events or theme parks, but adding a bit of class and sophistication to the LED balloons can make for great send-off wedding photos. 

Glow sticks also make for a great send off.

Heart-shaped sparklers are kind of amazing. These creative additions to your wedding will make the wedding the talk of the town. Heart-shaped sparklers leave no mess, and make for amazing wedding photos. 

No matter what you choose to use for your send off, don't skip this time honored wedding tradition. You'll want those photos!