It’s a no-brainer that one of the most stressful and daunting parts of preparing for a wedding party is writing a wedding speech. Especially if this will be your first time giving a speech, the idea alone can leave you confused – it doesn’t matter if you are the groom, bride, the father of the bride, the best man, or a bridesmaid. However, before you throw that paper into the dustbin or put off your PC, we are here to tell you that you can write a perfect wedding speech without issues.

One reason why you should take this part seriously is that many of your guests will be a good listener; they want to laugh, so don't put too much pressure on yourself. Keep that in mind, and everyone will be happy it went smoothly, this is why we've put together these wedding speech tips to help you on the right track to speech success.

•    Make Your Speech Personal

How do you know or meet the bride or groom? What is so special about that person, it’s very important to make things personal, as this make your speech unique. The guest will sure like and appreciate the love and connection from doing that. 

•    Add A Touch Of Humor

Just as we stated earlier on, people love to hear speeches with humor and wedding speeches are not excluded. It is okay to add a joke or two when giving your speech because a saying goes that, the best speech balances funny with heartfelt. Also remember to balance the two, so you won’t have guests falling asleep.

•    Thank Everyone Who Deserves A Thank You

It's essential that you take some time and appreciate the relevant people and if you are not one of the couples ask around for those who help plan the wedding. Also, thank the couple's families, the bridal party and anyone worth acknowledging.

•    Write A Strong Speech Opener & Closer

The moment you grab the mic you need to get people’s attention immediately. That means your speech should have a strong opener and a strong closer. The simple idea to help you achieve this is to give wishes and sum up the talk with a toast.

•    Practice Your Speech Before The Big Day

Most importantly, you need to practice and prepare for the big day, because practice and preparation make perfect. When giving a speech, you need to make eye contact with the gues, so you won't look like you are afraid. You need to prepare because looking down at what you wrote every moment can make you go off the cut, so you need to prepare and rehearse. A simple way to practice is standing at the front of the mirror and rehearsing until you are comfortable and confident.