One of the most popular themes for any wedding, anywhere, during any season, is the beach wedding.

There's just something about standing in the sand with family and friends, a cool breeze and some "I Do's."

The one problem with having a beach wedding: privacy. Here at Val Vista Lakes, youi can have your beach wedding and privacy, at the same time!

We know a thing or two about beach weddings because, well, we have a beach right here at our wedding venue! Let's walk through some tips to planning the ultimate beach wedding in 2016!

Beach Weddings in Arizona

  1. Plan a Sunest Wedding: If you've done your research, or follow us on Facebook, you've seen the amazing, truly enchanting sunset photos on our beach. The lighting cannot be beat at sunset, especially as it cascades over our waterfall, through the luscious trees and gazebo, and lands on the beach. Photographers and wedding couples alike LOVE Val Vista Lakes simply for it's breathtaking beauty, especially at sunset.
  2. Music or Nature: This is your big day, and one of the things that you'll need to determine is whether you want the sounds of a waterfall in a natural setting, or you'd rather have the background music of a beach-themed wedding. There are venues throughout Arizona that offer fountains and distinct sounds of nature, but if you're truly looking for a beach atmosphere, it's tough to be the beautiful sounds of waterfalls as you stand in the sand.
  3. What to Wear: Weddings on the beach tend to limit what you can wear comfortably. Planning ahead to account for a windy day where sand finds every crevasse, or a rainy day, is essential. However, here at Val Vista Lakes, a little wind never hurt anyone and in usually spearheaded by our "Holiday Mountain," as it's been called. And rain? We've got you covered with our indoor venue as well.
  4. What to Eat: Eating on the beach is...well...difficult. Unless you want a handful of sand and crunchy salmon, I suggest avoiding holding the reception on the beach. Thankfully, here at Val Vista Lakes, you can have your wedding, enjoy the sand, and then move inside (just about 10 feet away) to eat and drink indoors...where no sand will find it's way onto your plate.
  5. Keep it Simple: The best accessories and wedding decor to compliment a beach wedding are the simplest...that's one of the best parts about a beach wedding! The beach, the sunset, the atmosphere; it all already makes for great additions to the beach theme.

There is no other wedding venue in Arizona where you can kick back in a comfrotable lounge chair, kick off your heels, put your feet up and relax on the beach. Want more information? Check out our Facebook Page!