Wedding is a beautiful ceremony where two loved ones tie the knot. For couples, it is the most memorable day of their lives. The wedding industry is constantly evolving, and couples are getting more and more creative. Today we will discuss with you some of the top wedding trends in 2019.

1.     Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Strapless wedding dresses are losing their appeal, and 2019 sees the return of simple fabrics and classic cuts. Most brides getting married this year are wearing gowns with sleeves.

Meghan Markle’s boat-necked, luminous long-sleeved wedding gown has inspired bridal designers to move towards pared-back bridal silhouette.

2.     Colored Wedding Decor

Wedding planners are moving away from white and cream. Pink, orange, and red are starting to play a dominant role in everything from bridesmaid dresses to floral arrangements.

Couples are embracing a bold aesthetic, and bright colors in their wedding décor, whereas the classic white color is being used less and less. Embracing soft shades of blue are a great alternative to classic white because using too much white can look a little clinical.

3.     Plastic-free Wedding Decorations

Sustainability is more than just a fad, and the wedding planners are adopting it. They are switching from conventional plastic to glass and plastic alternatives.

Besides glass straws and linen napkins look much chicer than the plastic variants.

While planning their big day, brides are thinking about their planet and switching to eco-friendly when possible.

This year there is a rise in eco-friendly weddings which feature organic menus, flowers that can be replanted, and minimal plastic.

4.     Super Natural Makeup on your Wedding Day

You should use minimal makeup and show off your bridal glow. The key to pulling this off is great prep. So, try to improve your skincare routine around five weeks before the wedding day.

It is important to take care of your skin every day so that you can prevent the toxins from building up. Try using an exfoliating cream for sloughing away the dead skin.

5.     Wedding Hair with Flowers

Floral headpieces are very charming, and yet they don't require much effort. Try weaving fresh flowers into waves, fastening tiny blooms into your curls, or take it up a notch by wearing a flower crown. It is a look which suits hair worn up or down. However, you need to make sure that the rest of your face is simple and fresh.

6.     Sharing Platters

Food trucks have seen their fame, and yet the wedding couples are looking for amazing ways to offer simple, delicious food.

Farm-to-fork and sharing plates concepts are both popular trends in 2019 weddings. A rise in dessert tables has been observed as well.

7.     Cheese Wedding Cakes

A multilayered iced fruit cake has been the center of weddings for a long time. But couples are now getting more creative with their wedding cake.

Cheese towers laden with jellies, charcoal crackers, and artisan bread are gaining popularity in 2019 weddings.

8.     Wedding Artists

Wedding couples are now hiring illustrators who will sketch guests, caricaturists who will sketch a creative wedding portrait, and watercolor artists who will paint a dreamy version of the wedding day. This trend of recruiting artists for uniquely documenting the wedding day is gaining popularity.