Here at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona, we’ve hosted our fair share of short and sweet wedding receptions and those receptions that seem to never end. Both have their merits, and depending on the wedding couple, the wedding party and the wedding guests, either option can be the perfect choice. But, The Huffington Post recently pointed out some negative aspects of the all-night wedding reception that we thing are worth sharing.

Should You Have Extended Party Hours
I will tell you that extending your wedding reception hours is really a decision left to the bride and groom. Some wedding parties last until morning, and if it’s not at the reception hall it’s at the bar down the street or the largest hotel room between guests. And for others, an early night with friends and a late night with your newlywed husband or wife is pure perfection.

Let’s see what some of the so-called wedding experts have to say about the extended wedding reception:

1. Five hours of unrestricted open bar is enough alcohol for any wedding guest to ingest.

According to The Huffington Post wedding experts, an open bar should only be open for a few hours. Honestly, I’m going to say it again, it greatly depends on the guests and the wedding party. If you have friends and family that can’t hold their liquor, then absolutely yes, you need to have short and sweet bar hours.

2. When you extend your wedding reception to more hours than what is standard for your venue, you're extending the staffing time for everybody on your dime.

This is absolutely true. Once you’ve booked your wedding space and reception hall, and you’ve determined just how many hours you’ll need to have the time of your life, stick with the plan, if not for you and your guests, for your wallet as well. Adding on extra hours can eat up that wallet of your quicker then you might imagine.

3. Wedding days and nights are exhausting.

Weddings are exhausting for everyone involved, from the bride and groom to the wedding party, family and, yes, even friends. You are on the go from AM to PM and possibly right back to AM again. While it’s the greatest day of your life, it’s also the most exhausting, and you might not even notice it until you take a moment to sit down and it will hit you like a freight train. If you’re looking forward to any romance with your newlywed on the evening of your wedding, you’ll want to close up shop earlier then you probably think.

4. The potential for drama increases exponentially after five hours of drinking and partying.

Speaking from experience here at Val Vista Lakes, over our many, many years of hosting super successful weddings we’ve seen a few here and there get a bit out of control. Either a bridesmaid is weeping in the bathroom about a failed relationship or a parent is arguing with an ex, or the new husband or wife is spending too much time with friends instead of their partner – if you party too hardy, something is bound to happen.

5. The later the reception runs, the higher the probability of accidents happening to your guests.

Unless your wedding reception hall is in the same hotel that you and all of your guests are staying at, be mindful that the later the reception runs and the longer that bar stays open, the higher the probability of accidents happening.

Be smart, be safe, and make your wedding here at Val Vista Lakes the greatest moment of your life.