You don’t have to settle for basic baked beef, chicken or fish. You should put personality into your wedding menu with these crazy-delicious and super-cool ideas. Your guests will surely love the culinary delight and would talk about your wedding for a long time.

1.     Miniature Bites

Try imagining your favorite foods shrunk down to mini versions which are easy to eat. Consider bite-size fresh spring rolls, soup shooters, strawberry shortcake, lobster rolls, and even ice-cream cones. Your guests will love how good they taste and how cute they are. 

2.     Craft Creations

You should give your guests a farm-to-table, gourmet experience with carefully crafted, yummy foods, and drinks. Serve up some locally made or home-brewed beer, display locally grown vegetables on a wooden plank, delicious home-made chutneys, and pickles. You can also make locally sourced vegetables and meats the stars of dinner.

3.     Edible Escort Cards

Labeled fresh fruit or milk and cookies in personalized shot glasses can help your guests in finding their seats. It will make for a delicious pre-dinner or post-dinner treat.

4.     Anything on a Stick

From spicy chicken satay skewers and Caprese salad to prosciutto-wrapped melon, anything on a stick will be a winner. The reason being that the guests won’t have to hold a napkin and plate to eat them. During cocktail hour, this will make it easier to hold a conversation.

5.     Curated Food and Drink Pairings

Wine pairings are always nice, but professional caterers are now pairing drinks of petite proportions with miniature passed appetizers. Imagine mini-margaritas with tiny lobster tacos, mini-mugs of locally brewed beer paired with bite-size pastrami sandwiches, or even crackers and caviar with shots of vodka.

6.     Delicious Doughnuts

Just like cake and pies, people usually can't take a pass on delicious doughnuts. Consider serving retro classics like jelly and cream-filled varieties. You should also add new varieties like almond, coconut-lime, and white chocolate doughnuts. If you want to give a sophisticated twist then consider serving classic plain doughnuts with dark velvety chocolate in elegant vintage glasses. You can even decide to replace your wedding cake by stacking up pastries into a tower to slice.

7.     Classy Carnival Fare

These include anything that you may find at a carnival. For instance, crackerjack, cotton candy, and caramel apples. You must dress them up with festive display (lots of stripes with bright colors). You can complete the carnival theme by adding a funnel cake cart for hot, fresh pastries and a popcorn bar for late-night snacking.

8.     Dressed-Up Comfort Food

For years, comfort food has been popular at weddings. But it is all about presentation now. Try yellow chilled heirloom tomato soup in a shot glass, French fries wrapped in a paper, veggies, and dip in baguette cups, with warm cheddar and bacon panini.

9.     Cheese-Wheel Cakes

A traditional wedding cake may not be replaced by a cake made from wheels of cheese. But it will be perfect for a pre-reception cocktail hour focused on cheese and wine. Each layer of this cake will be different. For example, smoky gouda, goat cheese, and sharp cheddar with a garnish of fresh herbs.