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5 Reasons You Should Choose a Spring Wedding

The spring sunshine and warmer temperatures are welcomed after a long winter and having a wedding during this period will always be popular. The landscape begins to transform along with the gardens new color and fragrance. Over the years now, spring season as being the most popular season in which to have a wedding. Although other seasons have raised the bar well, but its small changes brought by the spring season that makes it perfect for a wedding. So, read on for the top five reasons why you should consider having a Spring wedding.

1.    The Weather

Well, the number most apparent reasons why you should have your wedding during the spring is the weather. Well, this might be obvious, but we will, still be pointing out some reasons why the weather in spring is stunning.  One you won't have to worry about a freak heat wave making everyone sweat out. The weather has a blend of sunny weather and cool breezes, ensuring that your wedding is comfortable for everyone attending.

2.    You Can Host It Outside

Spring has that nice weather that makes it a perfect time to host an outdoor wedding. There is beautifula landscape with blooming flowers giving that kind of new life feelings. Besides, an outdoor wedding always promises to serve up some absolutely gorgeous wedding photos and also help save some bucks that could have been spend on renting a hall.

3.    Spectacular Hues

Spring is that time of the year where many plants and flowers starts to bloom and this will give your wedding photos a new life feel and also a perfect way to coordinate your décor with the natural scenery.

4.    More Flexible Scheduling

According to couples who have had their weddings during this period they claim they had greater flexibility for them to plan out the schedule. Also, many people do not consider spring as a peak wedding season, this has made many venues to reduce their rates giving couples who plan their wedding during this season more flexibility.

5.    In-season Flowers

Flowers are no doubt an essential part of every wedding and it has the ability to transform the whole venue and also wow the attending guest, and even bring new life to your wedding pictures. During th spring seasons, couples have a lot of options in front of them from sweet peas, peonies to Dahlias and other varieties that will transform your big day.

5 Things to Put in Your Wedding Welcome Bags

When planning your big day, there are many things and details that need to be considered. One thing that many couples tend to overlook is how they wish to welcome their guest when they arrive. A great way to do this is to create a unique gift basket. These bags can either be distributed at an event or at the guest hotel (so they can grab it before they check in). Many different things can be fit in a gift basket, and we have listed below some of our favorite ideas to get you started:

1. Custom Tote

You need something to pack in the basket and custom tote bags are no doubt the best to help hold everything together. IF you want to feel more splurging you can choose a customised tote that you can print your names on. If you are on a budget, you can go for a simple, solid-coloured gift bag.

2. Weekend Schedule and Maps

If you are having a destination wedding, then most out of town guest will likely be sticking around for some days and this is why it is essential you make sure your guests know where they should and at the right time. So, including a schedule, maps and any other relevant information will surely go a long way for them.

3. Drinks and snacks

Another great idea is to fill up the bag with bottled water, juice or some champagne. You can even print your custom labels on the drinks if you want to get a bit fancier. In addition to the drinks, you might want to add some snacks. Try to include both salty and sweet options.

4. Useful Items

We are humans, and we tend to forget somethings (especially when travelling). So, think of the things your guests may have forgotten, but they will probably need during their stay. Some of the items can include stain wipes, a sewing kit, wrinkle release spray, aspirin, lip balm, a lint roller, sunscreen, etc. Note that it's not a must that you include everything we’ve listed out, but adding some will be appreciated.

5. Postcards

Another inexpensive and fun addition to welcome bags is local postcards your guests can have some fun with. You can visit a local souvenir shop to pick out a few intentionally cheesy postcards or add vintage postcards. They are easy to find online or even at a local thrift store.

5 Hot Wedding Trends for Fall in Arizona

5 Hot Wedding Trends for Fall in Arizona

Fall is nearly here. In know it might not feel like it yet in Gilbert, where the temperatures are still well over 100-degrees, but in just another few months we'll be basking in beautiful weather surrounded by Fall colors...

Donuts and Weddings Go Hand-in-Hand This Time of Year

Donuts and Weddings Go Hand-in-Hand This Time of Year

We've done blogs on donut themed weddings before, but there's just something about this time of year that makes us want sugar and warmth. So, why not combine that with your Gilbert wedding?

You'd be surprised how many people questions, "Does it get cold in Arizona?" I'll admit it, before I moved here, personally, I didn't think Arizona got chilly, or snow. But as the kids bundled up this morning for school, we definitely feel the chill in the air this time of year, and we LOVE it. 

Hot Wedding Themes for 2018

Hot Wedding Themes for 2018

While we're on the topic of 2018, I want to take a look at some of the wedding themes that will continue to be trending next year...which is just a few short months away.

If you're getting married in Gilbert, Arizona in 2018, you're definitely in full planning mode. I mean, the 2018 wedding season is just three months away, which will be here before you know it. 

So, what wedding themes will be hot and which wedding themes will be outdated in a few months? Let's dive in...

5 Ways to Have a Disney Themed Wedding in Gilbert, AZ

5 Ways to Have a Disney Themed Wedding in Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert residents love Disney. Maybe it's because Disneyland is just a quick 6-hour drive away, or because so many families in Gilbert have little ones...but Disney and Gilbert go hand-in-hand. 

We posted a Disney themed wedding article just the other day, and the response was huge. So, I figured it was time to share with you how to bring Disneyland to your wedding!

The article that I posted the other day can be found on our Facebook Page, and featured a young couple who actually got married at the Happiest Place on Earth! If getting married at Disneyland is  a big outside of your wedding budget, try these options instead...

The Ultimate Guide to Your Gilbert Fall Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to Your Gilbert Fall Wedding

We've been posting a lot about Fall wedding tips, themes and ideas related to your Gilbert Fall wedding. From food to drinks, centerpieces to photography, in the past few weeks our focus has been solely on Fall wedding fun. 

Today, I'd like to tie it all together for you. I mean, you can only talk about Fall wedding ideas for so long, so let's finish it up with this one blog that pulls everything together. 

3 Ways to Use Succulents In Your Gilbert Wedding

3 Ways to Use Succulents In Your Gilbert Wedding

Everyone loves succulents right now. They are adorable, and beautiful, and work well here in Arizona climates. But are they right for your wedding?

Here are some ideas to help you decide if adding succulents to your Gilbert wedding will work for you...

Fall Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Fall Wedding Guest Book Ideas

These days, you don't have to simply have your wedding guests sign in a traditional wedding book. In fact, you don't even need to have them sign that old, black and white wedding photo with the white border. 

Fall is a great time to get creative with your wedding guest book, and we've got some great ideas for you.

"Trendy" Wedding Trends to Avoid for the Rest of 2017

"Trendy" Wedding Trends to Avoid for the Rest of 2017

At the beginning of every year, we talk about the wedding trends that will be hot, and not so hot, for the year. We try to help you plan your perfect wedding by making sure you're on top of all the latest buzz in the wedding industry. 

With that said, now that we're halfway through the year, our wedding professionals thought it would be wise to take a step back and reevaluate what's hot and what's not for the rest of 2017...