Everyone wants their wedding to be the most memorable moment of their lives...and all of their guests lives as well.

Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you do want a day that lasts in the memories of your guests as emotion, beuatiful, and a great celebration of love and family!

Well, we have put together a llst of the top 3 mind-blowing ways to surprise your guests that will leave them in complete awe of your wedding day!

1. Unique Transportation: Instead of having your wedding guests park right here at Val Vista Lakes, consider having them meet at a nearby park or hotel and transporting them to our Gilbert wedding venue by limo, party bus, trolley, or whatever your heart desires!

Imagine, there your guests are...having a cocktail hour at one of our awesome Gilbert hotel/resorts. Then, when it's time to get them to your wedding, you create a unique experience by getting them to your wedding in a party bus! I mean, who else is doing that?!

2. Thoughtful and Useful Favors: Favors have become quite unique in 2016. In fact, people have taken wedding favors to a whole new level with custom-made products. To truly wow your wedding guests, make it thoughtful, personal and useful! 

Consider handmade soap with a dessert flare to honor Gilbert. Or what about a custom essential oil pack that works for energy and hangovers for the day after the wedding! Talk about thoughtful and useful!

3. Kids Corner: If you have kids at your wedding, which is totally up to you, it's quite common to have a kids corner ot kids table where parents can plop their kids down and hope the little ones color for the entire wedding reception. 

That's a grea idea, but an even better idea that will literally blow your guests away is to have a dedicated sitter...a rockstar babysitter who will not only watch the kids during the wedding and reception, but will entertain them, keep them engaged, and keep them busy while the parents have some fun and down time!

Well, hopefully these top 3 mind-blowing ideas will not only surprise your guests, they will leave that lasting impression!