It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Well, not yet, but anyone who is a football fan can’t wait for Sunday, February 6th. In Arizona, we’re not really spoiled when it comes to our team getting to the big game, but that doesn’t change the fact that many Arizonans are huge football fans and celebrate Super Bowl Sunday like it was Christmas Day. Having a wedding on Super Bowl Sunday might not be an option, but having a Super Bowl themed wedding might be up for discussion for many football couples. 

While football might be more of a Mid-West obsession (aka: Da Bears vs The Cheeseheads), the Super Bowl brings about a national fascination with sports. Sometimes that football fascination translates nicely over to your big wedding day. Imagine; a football wedding theme. What would the colors be? What would the table centerpieces look like? Would you actually have a football in the ceremony? The possibilities are endless, so we wanted to take this Super Bowl fascination and provide some inspiration for your football themed wedding, even if it’s just for fun.

I was browsing around The Knot this morning and I found a fun article regarding a young couple’s football themed wedding in which the actual mascot for the New England Patriots showed up! A football themed wedding can still be very traditional, but with a small tweaks to make it ‘football’ friendly. For example:

  • Football-themed Wedding Cake
  • Football-themed Wedding Cake Topper
  • Football-themed Wedding Dress
  • Football-themed Wedding Photograph