There is no one season for a wedding, weddings happen year around regardless of the weather. If you decide to get married in the summer time here are some helpful tips to take into consideration when choosing a Gilbert wedding venue or any other wedding venue. 

1. Keep your options open, do not settle on the first wedding venue that you see. When it comes to picking a wedding venue shop around and see what the venues have to offer. If you are having a summer wedding and having it outside, see how much shade the venue provides, see if they offer a complimentary water service station, fans, misters, etc. All of these things are important in order to keep your guests cool and happy. 

2. Although you may want to party the night away at your wedding and have the next day to relax and recover, don't choose to have a Saturday wedding, instead maybe pick a Sunday or Friday to have your big day. This simple change can possibly save you thousands. Saturday is the most expensive and popular day to have a wedding and the season of summer only adds to that cost. 

3. Having a backup plan is always a good idea. If for some reason the wedding venue you chose can not do your ceremony outside for reasons due to weather, it will be good to have a backup wedding venue, that way you are not trying to look for a whole new place last minute and change details of your wedding. Another good reason to have a backup plan for your wedding venue is due to the fact that there are some days when the weather in the summer is just too nice and wedding venues can get booked really fast and you might lose out.