It’s not easy to plan your perfect wedding or find the perfect wedding venue. And if you’re planning a summer wedding in Arizona, where temps can go up to the 120s, there are some extra details you have to include in your planning to make sure you have the wedding you've always dreamed off.

A popular summer wedding trend in Arizona is to host the ceremony in the morning. That’s a perfect way to avoid the high temperatures and to make sure your wedding won’t be affected by the Arizona summer. Even though, it's important that you don't forget about your guests and make sure they are fresh and cool. So, you should consider having paper fans to create some breeze, parasols to block the shade, personalized sunglasses, among others.

Even before you head to the wedding venue, make sure that your guests have a drink station. You should include lemonade, tea, and water. One thing that could give it a more stylish look is to offer some personalized bottles, for example. 

One summer wedding trend that you always need to have in consideration is the bride's makeup. You probably took some time deciding on who was going to do your makeup and how it would be at the end. So, you don't want that the hot weather in Arizona ruins all the work. It's highly important that your makeup can resist to the tears, hugs, and heat. Using, for example, a waterproof airbrushed foundation can do the trick in terms of the heat.

When the weather is just too hot, one thing that you need to be particularly careful about is the food. It needs to be well-conditioned to make sure it remains with the highest quality. And when we talk about all the food, make sure that you don't forget about the cake as well. The wedding cake that is usually in plain sight during the entire wedding venue, can start to melt. And unlike what you may think, this already happened and it wasn't pretty. One of the things you can do to prevent it is to use fondant cake and swiss meringue because these frostings usually tend to hold up very well even in the heat. Obviously, you should also consider cutting the cake earlier to guarantee it will be just perfect.

Flowers are another of the many things that can be ruined on your wedding because of the heat. After spending so much money on those beautiful flowers to decorate your wedding venue, you just want to make sure they are fresh from the beginning until the end of the party. And this not to mention your own bouquet. If you want to make sure that your bouquet will hold perfectly during the entire day, you should consider avoiding roses and hydrangeas that are very fragile. You can opt for using lots of greenery instead and include just a few petunias, succulents, poppy or eucalyptus.