It might be hard to think that a bride would even choose to have her wedding in the blistering Arizona summer, but some do, and that's ok. Believe it or not there are some tips for having a summer wedding that can help you forget about it being so hot out. 

1. Summer Wedding Deals

For starters, summer is the off-season for weddings in Arizona, so finding a wedding venue at a reasonable price may not be too hard. Although, it is off-season, a lot of wedding venues may not advertise any discounts, but if you ask some will be willing to work with you and give you a discount, seeing as the season is slow and they are still wanting to book weddings. 

2. Keep your Guests Cool

Although the wedding day is about you, remember that your guests are suffering in the heat just as well. At your wedding venue provide a non-alcoholic drink service or station prior to the ceremony and serve ice water, tea, or lemonade. You can also add umbrellas to your wedding decor to add shade or hand out personal paper fans as a wedding favor for your guests, to keep themselves cool during the ceremony. 

3. Summer Proof Make-Up

Every bride will choose to wear make-up that is waterproof in order to keep their make-up from running while shedding tears of happiness. However, if you are having a summer wedding you are going to want to make sure that your make-up can also withstand the summer heat. A lot of brides that have had a summer wedding, suggest using airbrush make-up to keep your make-up from melting and running. 

4. Selecting a Wedding Venue

Just because you are having a wedding in the summer, does not mean it needs to be outside. You can search for a beautiful indoor wedding venue for your special day. With an indoor wedding venue, you don't have to worry about keeping your guests extra cool or your make-up running. However, if the wedding venue you choose is indoors, they may not provide a summer discount or reduced rate.