Summer bridal showers here in Arizona are my favorite. Sure, it's hot, but what better way to spend some time with your girls than sipping refreshing cocktails around the pool and opening presents? It doesn't get much better than that.

So, where should you have the wedding shower? Who's house? Who should plan it? What will people wear if it's in the middle of 100-degree weather? 

Let's talk...

Traditionally, the maid of honor takes the role of planning a bridal shower with the help of her bridesmaids. These days, however, many moms and sisters also tend to act as hostesses, so it’s really a personal decision for the bride. It is perfectly fine to have multiple showers as a relative, co-worker, or friend may offer to throw a bridal shower with different vibes and guests.

The bridal shower theme should, ideally, match the theme of the wedding. For example, if the theme of the wedding is nautical or beachy, which many of our Val Vista Lakes weddings are considering we have a beach, have the bridal shower near the water with tropical drinks and light, summer dresses. 

Oh, and everyone loves a mimosa bar for your bridal shower in the middle of an Arizona summer.

Not all the guests know one another, so playing a fun game that revolves around the bride (the one thing you all have in common) is a great way for everyone to interact. It also makes for a fun way to break up the shower and make the bride feel special. Keep it classy, though! Quiz games about the bride and groom or “he said she said” are always a good laugh!

We recommend sticking to those who are invited to the wedding when it comes to creating the bridal shower guest list. Whether you agree with it or not, everyone who is invited to the shower will expect a wedding invitation as well, so it’s best to avoid hurt feelings. The only exception would be office bridal showers thrown by your co-workers, who may or not be invited to the big event. And you should not invite the whole wedding guest list to the shower—only invite your nearest and dearest.

Remember, this is YOUR wedding, which means it's also YOUR bridal shower. Sure, someone else will be planning the shower, but make sure your requests are heard. If you don't want a mimosa bar, let it be known. If you want to relax by the pool at a fancy resort, let it be known. 

Also, wedding showers are no longer simply about the bride. Couple's wedding showers are moving into the norm, and this might be the perfect option for you, so talk about it with your partner and let your maid of honor know what you'd like to do.

Don't forget to call Val Vista Lakes to schedule your tour! We host bridal showers as well!