Arizona is the sixth largest state of The United States located in the south western region of the country. This beautiful state is blessed with a number of beautiful sites which are usually decorated for wedding occasions. The trend of luxurious weddings is very popular in the state of Arizona. The weather however is extremely hot and due to this, it becomes difficult to arrange weddings in the summer season. If proper arrangements aren’t made then the whole scenarios can be very uncomfortable for the guests as well as for the bride and groom.  In this article we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can cope up with the extreme heat of Arizona during wedding season.

Tips for Staying Cool in Summer Weddings

You can look at the following ideas before planning a wedding event:

•    Indoor Weddings: In summers, the best thing you can do for weddings is to arrange the event indoor instead of outdoor sitting. This is because inside the environment is cool and pleasant. The facilities like air conditioners and fans can be arranged for the guests. Indoor events present you with better lighting arrangements as compared to outdoor events.

•    Wearing Light Colours: As we all know, dark colours like black, dark brown, red are usually good absorbers of heat. In summers they can make your body temperature even higher which will keep you warmer. Prefer wearing light colours and dull makeup like white, baby pink. It will give a cosy and pleasant appearance. Moreover, do not wear heavy jewellery.

•    Drinking Arrangements: As in winters, we offer soup as a welcome starter, in summers it can be replaced by fresh drinks. Drinks like fresh juices, cocktails, smoothies and ice shakes can be served as a welcome drink to customers. It will make keep the guests cool and calm.

•   Makeup Selection: While selecting bridal makeup, make sure not to use liquid foundations and cosmetics. This is because due to the high temperature there is more sweating. More sweating will make your skin oily and all of the makeup will melt down. Instead of this, use matte shades and cake foundations to give the bridal and appealing look.

•    Hair Styling: In terms of hair styling, do not go for open hair and loose curls. It will give you a messed up look. Instead, go for high ponytails, loose buns, backcombing with pinned up hair. The simpler you will carry yourself, the better will be your appearance at the wedding.

•    Selection of Menu: Weddings normally conclude with heavy and spicy meals usually enriched with meat and excessive oil. Spicy food is not a good option for events held in the summer season as they are known to increase your body temperature. This can make you and the guests feel agitated.

•    Spacious Area: Always select a spacious area for your wedding arrangement. A congested area with  higher number of guests usually creates suffocation and irritation. Spacious areas with cross air ventilation keep the environment cool,  healthy and enjoyable.